Design for ReUse


As a design tactic ReUse refers to a range of actions such as collection, storage, preservation, separation, and in some cases processing, where  products are recovered from the waste cycle and are repurposed, or renewed through a range of different interventions.

Where Ships go to die: Economies of Recycling

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European Take-Back Legislation

European Take-Back Legislation

Take-back” is the idea that companies that make the product and/or stores that sell the product are responsible for taking the product back after consumers are done with it. Kansai Recycling Systems Co., Ltd. began full operation in Hirakata City, Osaka, in April 2001.

European “Take-Back Law” requires automobile (and other) manufacturers to take back all vehicles (and other products) which were ever sold in that country.

German regulation on electronic waste obliges the retailer to take back used electronic equipment from the end-user. The manufacturer/importer is obliged to take back the products from the retailer.

Voluntary agreements have been widely accepted by industry and the threat of legislation has subsided slightly.