Design has always addressed functionality, aesthetics, context and relevance. It has largely functioned within a consumer framework mediated by transaction and delivery.

Today, values like equality, equity and universality are becoming more critical to the way in which we live and run, peaceful and enduring societies.

How might we think re-think design cues & values?

We use a range of tools that have generosity and sharing as their core values. A lot of these are within the digital realm giving away information and capacity building e.g. Wikipedia / Linux / WordPress. Others may centre around the donation of skill or time like, volunteering.

Can generosity be the essential component of a system—like efficiency or cost-effectiveness. e.g. How could we for example re-design a ‘generous’ system for MYKI?

How does one design when money is NOT the metric.

Can we redefine a set of criteria of critical value: Meaningfulness / Kindness / Compassion / others.

3 Cues borrowed from ‘ Design for Generosity’ by Nipun Mehta

  • Consumption to Contribution
  • Transaction to Trust
  • Isolation to Community

Melbourne Projects

Lentil’s main function is to provide food without borders – without borders of cash value, race or socio-economic status.

The Social Studio

The Social Studio is a fashion label, shop and cafe that celebrates the style and skills of diverse cultures in Australia. We champion diversity, community, education, sustainability, art, creativity, design and ethical business practices. In all we do, we create professional development and opportunity for young members of the community who are most in need of a voice, mode of expression and agency.

The Choir of Hard Knocks

Jonathon Welch AM’s original inspiration came in 2000 when reading an article in the Canadian Reader’s Digest about the Montreal Homeless Men’s Choir whilst in Canada. He then returned to Australia and created Sydney Street Choir in 2001, the first choir of its kind in Australia specifically created for people experiencing homelessness and disadvantage.

The unique and inspiring story of Australia’s most unlikely musical phenomenon, Choir of Hard Knocks are the only artists in Australian music history to have been awarded an ARIA, Platinum and Gold records, a Logie and a Helpmann award.

Student Propositional Projects

Link: Generosity Case Studies

A great collection of philanthropic projects.