Interactive Landscapes to Create Power

Chris Pane, Courtney Lauren, Frank Cheng, Abby Charles, Olson Hamilton-Smith


A lot of power is crudely sourced and used as a blanket resource with no consideration for waste. We see lights left on in building when no occupants remain, people using escalators and lifts as the norm as opposed to when they may have an injury or disability. We want to correlate human input to power usage by creating fun interactive landscapes that people can enjoy without altering their day to day routines.


Bridge lighting- some bridges use sensor lighting to make the area feel safe and to illuminate hazards or gradient changes. Like a prayer wheel in a Buddhist temple we thought pedestrians could spin a series of blocks on their approach to the bridge to power the lights and potentially make music like the bells.


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Phone Charging Safe Space- As more and more green spaces are created, phone charging station become in higher demand. We thought a similar idea to the prayer wheels could be employed to generate power to charge electronic devices. This would allow people to enjoy the green spaces without placing undue demand on surrounding cafes to facilitate the need to charge their devices.