Slipper Repair

Yizhen Li

Split or worn soles can mean wet feet on rainy days, I have a pair of shoes has split soles I wear a lot during winter, it is quite expensive taking my shoes to a professional shoe repairer and it also means that I cannot wear them for a few days while they are being repaired.

I found I have some super glue (502) left, they are not best choice for gluing solit shoes but I already tried 502 supper glue on my another pair of shoes which I wear for one month without split. Repair things successful not only saved money, also gives a sence of achievement.


  1. Start with clean and dry shoes that are free from dirt or
  2. Apply super glue to one surface only, press together and pull Keep apart until the adhesive film is almost dry (approximately 10 – 20 minutes).
  3. Carefully line up surfaces to be joined and press surfaces firmly Bonds immediately on contact. Clamping may be necessary in some applications or holding until dry.
  4. Wait 24 hours before wearing your shoes