Sea Bin

Case study curated by Peter / Panayiotis Kyprianou

Design values: Recycling, contribution, community, inclusiveness, generosity

I chose this project as ocean litter is a global issue that has no international boundaries. The Seabin has quite a simple design for a very serious issue and is made from recycled materials ensuring it is sustainable. It is fixed to a dock with a water pump running on shore power. The pump creates a flow of water that sucks all floating rubbish and debris into a natural fibre bag, before pumping the water back out. It catches everything floating from plastic bottles to paper, oils, fuel and detergent. The project was created by two Australian surfers that spent much of their childhood in the ocean and, after becoming frustrated at the amount of rubbish floating around, quit their jobs to come up with a sustainable solution.

Link Project: The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup develops advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. A full-scale deployment of our systems is estimated to clean up 50 % of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 5 years.