Replacing a Button

Yuchen Luo/Trafalgar

I was helping my roommate with her cloth fixing. At the beginning, I need to drawing the highlight mark very carefully, so that it won’t be dragged too much and broken again after I fixed it. I recommend to use 4 lines in a group to make it strong. After the thread went through the top layer of the cloth with a knot behind, I pulled it back through the middle of the four lines. That will help diverting the pressure from the knot. At the end, I did up two other knots close to the cloth surface and carefully clean the old thread beside.

I have lot of experiences with sewing and weaving. I learned this skill from my mother, who used to made all seasons clothes for me when I was young. The whole process takes me around 5 minutes including photographing. My roommate is very happy with it.