Sally / Yixin Li

The tactic “musicstorm” means “Imagine in music or sound”. It is a term for design that let people thinking in different environment. “music” is different kinds of music, like classical music and light music, “storm” is brainstorm which is a kind of thinking way that to derive amount of information based on a word or phrase with peoples’ imagination. Colin Ellard (2015) believed music might affect peoples’ feelings, emotions, what kinds of things people might do in the future, the way that people think and pay attention to surroundings, remember things and make decisions.”

Besides, music has a great impact on modes of thinking especially artistic thinking mode. The different kind of music has different symbol and color in artists’ eyes. Use this tactic can produce a variety of design in different music environment with everyone’s specific emotions. Musicstorm is not only an abstract design, it also combines the musicians’ emotions with designers’ understanding and imagination. In some respects, Musicstorm provide inspiration and fill people with information that allows them to make creative connections easily. People will not limit the “idea space” and come up only Initial idea. They will become more creative and patient to create art in a lot of different areas and see what resonates for them. Meanwhile, people create the art that they understand with the emotion and information that based on different kinds of music and keep the diversity of design in a new way. So that can say Musicstorm is important and has great value for design thinking.


Aeolus– A Giant Acoustic Sculpture was designed by Luke Jerram which located in Canada Square Park.

Jerram was inspired by a well-digger in the Qanat desert during a research trip to Iran. He said, “the wells singing in the wind.” to Jerram. So, Aeolus is the grand culmination of Jerram’s three years investigation into acoustics, wind and architecture. Aeolus is an enormous acoustic sculpture installed in the heart of Canary Wharf, London. It “sings” with the passing breeze. Its name is the god of the four winds in Greek mythology, the sculpture consists of low-tension nylon harp strings attached to 310 polished stainless steels tubes, which redirect the passing air into the center of the piece, and create an unique sound in the process. Beneath the arch, people can enjoy varying views that shift and move as the clouds travel lazily reflecting rays of light and casting soft shadows with polished stainless steels pipes. (Daniel,2012)

Cornea Ti” is an installation created by the Interior Architecture students from the School of Design Mainz in collaboration with Ensemble Modern Frankfurt. The installation was created for the Frankfurt-based light festival Luminale 2014.

Cornea Ti is consisting of three connected containers that formed a sort of interactive stage, visitors would step through the tunnels triggering the integrated LEDs hidden in the walls of the structure with their movements that they can see different color and direction changes of lights. Meanwhile, sound also can change light, illuminating letterforms that would transform and morph into anagrams, only visible from the perspective of the audience. (Para, 2016)