Case study curated by Sin Ting Lui/ Cindi

FareShare, is a non-profit community organisation, that aims that a society where food is not wasted and no one goes hungry. For current situation, they reduce the amount of food waste, then cook and distribute nutritious meals to people in hunger. Those meals are given to local charities and give them to the people in need.

FareShare was started because they realised that many people are experiencing hunger while others are wasting a lot of food. Therefore, they are doing something about this problem by rescuing surplus food from supermarkets, farmers and other businesses. For example, FareShare has a partnership with Woolworths, so they can collect some quality surplus food and cook for the nutrition meals. They are not only helping people in need, but also saving food from landfill. People are welcomed to donate, and be volunteers to help cooking in their kitchen gardens, FareShare provides different shifts for different kinds of people. Also, they require school groups for students to experience volunteering for the society.