Matthew Dykes

The combination of simplistic and text

This tactic installs the idea of minimalism to a greater extent in our presentations in regards to the way we use type, too often I find companies and groups using over the top lettering for the headings, logos and basic. This use of text can create a messy design set opposed to keeping it simple and practical with text, this is what the tactic of simplistext attempts to execute, effective and professional document layouts.

Simplistext can be achieved in many ways, such as considering the impact of presentation or simply thinking about the composition of the way the document is set out. Furthermore, using certain fonts can also help achieve this desired outcome, fonts like CENTURY GOTHIC, Century, Helvetica and Verdana are all very common fonts uses in basic programs that all have different customisation options including different letter thickness and more.

So, even though these fonts seem extremely minimal there is still lots of ways to use them and other custom fonts can be used to give the type life but still remain in the parameters of being minimal and effective such as FIG.1. (below), this piece of type clearly reads blast and maintains good composition through asymmetrical balance and the use of the ‘A’ as what would seem to illustrate a rocket is appropriate due to the connotation of the world blast in the phrase blast off.

In reflection, this displays that there is still a place for a creative mind in use of this tactic, creative styles can still be discovered using this method and used effectively with the space of a document.

Finally, how would one apply this method to their own project? Considering the tactic refers to thinking about the choice to use certain set of fonts or types, thinking through or planning the layout and set up of the document would seem like the suitable way to apply this method and achieve a simple yet effective piece of type.

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