Yufan Guo (Sherley) / S3713913
Simplex means the combination of simple appearance and complex functions in design, it indicates that the appearance of good design should be guided by minimalism, and its inherent function should be complex (multiple). Design in simplicity encourages designer to eliminate unnecessary elements that would decrease design’s efficiency, during the evaluation of design, good using of simplicity could ensure the design remain with element that have minimized as much as possible but which still work perfectly without compromising the primary function. When design with the user’s key goals in mind, you are designing for simplicity. Occam’s Razor who is a principle from philosophy has said that the simplest solution is always the best. Incorporating simplicity in designs will help to design better user interfaces by helping users achieve goals faster and more efficiently, all while enjoying a great user experience. But, if designers combine simplicity and complexity in design together it can create an unprecedented effect, at the same time, it has reached the highest level of design as the saying goes good design is obvious, great design is transparent. A simple product appearance with highly functional can give customers the best using experience. Because of its simple design, users will not be very difficult to use the product, and also achieve the design goal from the design brief. This tactic has value to me that good design should work easily for target audiences, so the most simple design with complex multiple functions is the best.


They have the ability of a more than 20 team to cross a series of marketing disciplines, and can engage in a single project – such as brand renewal, website design or delivery of advertising activities – or a multi – marketing integrated project. The subject is parallel. No matter what kind of foundation we are engaged in, they focus on building long-term relationships rather than short-term projects. Whether war, sports or business (both are effective strategies) is the key to victory. Every project we deliver starts with strategy. They can help define your brand strategy, digital strategy, advertising strategy, or organization’s overall marketing strategy, and think of each of these as a whole. Our process, including promoting workshop, stakeholder participation and market research, can be expanded or reduced to meet the needs of any project.


Simple Studio is a professional supplier of high quality custom window furniture for high-end residential, boutique business and luxury hotels. At 2004, founded by the Morgan ferry and Robert Twomey, Simple Studio provides a craftsman’s method to standardize, manufacture and install various forms of interior and exterior cover. We work closely with leading architects and interior designers in Australia to provide personalized intelligent solutions for each project. The seamless integration of our products in its built environment has become a simple logo for the studio installation, reflecting our unswerving commitment to design excellence.