Mundaily (Mundane – daily)

Abby Charles

Mundaily is the act of completing daily tasks or duties in order to keep the body busy while brainstorming potential design ideas. By keeping busy physically with these mundane tasks such as doing the washing or vacuuming, the mind is able to wonder through different design solutions without the formality of sitting at a desk trying to force new ideas.

Mundaily as a design tactic can be used in two different circumstances. Firstly, it can be utilised as a way to identify rituals we partake in day-to-day life and seek options to improve upon current solutions. Secondly, the tactic can be used to brainstorm the designer’s current ideas and find solutions for problems they may be facing. The latter circumstance would be the most common instance in which the design tactic would be utilised.

The design tactic can be utilised throughout the design process as a way to generate new ideations when a project has become stale. When looking to improve upon current everyday tasks, the mundaily tactic would be best suited when used during the initial ideation process, but can be used at any point during the design as a problem-solving tactic.


  • Identify easy mundane tasks to complete such as vacuuming, washing dishes, laundry etc. (best suited with tasks that require no brain power)
  • Begin chosen task
  • With the body working to complete the duty, the mind is left to wonder into a realm of possibilities for the design
  • New ideas could be influenced by mechanisms noticed while undertaking the set task, or can simply be plucked from a plethora of new inspiration brainstormed during this time
  • As key ideas are identified, make quick small notes or sketches to refer to once the mundane task at hand is completed
  • Once task is complete or ample ideas have been generated, expand on notes and sketches accumulated and refine either the new direction or idea for the design

It has been found that the more creative a person is in their daily life, the more creative they are able to be in their professional roles. If while undertaking the mundaily design tactic you are able to also complete your chosen chore in a different fashion then usual, additional benefits may arise as you have established an alternative method for completing said chore, helping the brain to continue on and seek alternative methods for the design project also.

The Barisieur

The Barisieur functions as an alarm clock that wakes its user up by brewing a fresh cup of tea or coffee in the morning. Combining two key aspects of many peoples morning routine, the task of waking up becomes novel and exciting for the products users. Designed to improve upon current rituals we partake in day-to-day life, Barisieur doesn’t so much hit upon a need but rather serves to improve upon current mundane tasks completed each morning. With compartments to store milk, sugar, and your choice of coffee or loose leaf tea, the device is also equipped with a more conventional alarm that triggers slightly after the beverage has been brewed to ensure that the user is alerted at the desired wake up time.

Dafni Hair

By combining the task of brushing your hair with the chore of straightening it, Dafni Hair created one simple tool that completes both undertakings at once. Building upon the original design of a flat iron which was patented in 1909, the designer of Dafni Hair Sharon Rabi realised there was room for improvement while undertaking her usual daily routine. Sharon noticed that brushing, straightening, and styling her hair each morning was a lengthy process, and sought after a solution to cut down on time wasted.

The ceramic brush styles and straightens its users hair up to 10 times faster than conventional flat irons, with the familiarity of a regular brush ensuring that the product remains intuitive to operate.