Building Blind

David Rockman


The act of constructing something with your hands lends itself to a much greater understanding of the object. ‘Building Blind’ harnesses this understanding by combining ideation and construction to be carried out at the same time. Building Blind comes from two process of thought, the act of construction with your hands allows connection to the design problem that is missed when only using traditional ideation methods and Blind ideation meaning that there should be no preconceived idea of what your design should look like or how the problem will be solved before commencement of the ideation process.

Using ‘Building Blind’ a problem needs to be famed as simply as possible and then solved though ideation construction, for example If the problem is the need to lift a car the frame of that design problem should not be to design a car lift, the frame should be to lift a one kilogram weight from the floor to the edge of a table while only touching the bottom of the weight and only using basic materials. Because the problem is framed such that there is no car, the scale is reduced and the car lift is never mentioned, all the ideation can be toward a design that not only solves the problem but also provides a much greater understanding of how the different components of the new design will behave. Something that traditional design ideation can sometimes lack.

This tactic takes place at the very beginning of the design process during the research and ideation phase. It is useful to throw off preconceived ideas of how any one problem should be solved and open the way for a completely new set of solutions that can be explored. ‘Building Blind’ seeks to open the possibility for new ways around problems.

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‘Building Blind has use for designers looking to tackle areas that they are not familiar with as a stepping off point to begin to create understanding of the problem and possible shapes of the solution. It allows designers to step back from preconceived ideas on how a problem should be tackled and open there ideation potential up to the possibility of new ways of thinking. Building Blind has a high value in modern design culture that seems to be extremely focused on the end product rather than the best product, using 3D modeling or presentation drawings forces the designer to create the end solution prematurely, where as discovering what works though hand made model construction lets the solution be discovered through problem solving one section at a time. ‘Building Blind’ lets designers discover their solution ultimately leading to better designs.

STEM for Kids: Egg Drop Project

The egg drop challenge is the staple childhood design and engineering challenge that most Australian kids will have to participate in as part of there primary school education. This challenge is the grandfather of all design by failure, and the bases of Build blind.

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