The TreeProject

Case Study curated by Jimmy Witters

Values: generosity, local resource, inclusiveness, kindness, recycling, contribution, community

The TreeProject is a beautiful story about two women who made it there mission to plant one million trees. They have now planted two and a half million and are not stopping any time soon! It all started when friends Maggie and Belinda were discussing the many ailments afflicting our environment. Whatever travesty against the environment came up in their discussions, one central solution kept coming up: planting trees. 

“We knew we were on to something with identifying trees as a solution when over 700 people came and 5000 plants were in the ground before lunch time!” said Maggie.

“Within 15 years our goal of 1 million seedlings was met, thanks to the support and commitment of our volunteers.”

I chose this project as it is an excellent representation of what we can do with our own two hands, and it is right here in Melbourne. I worry that often these stories are just a distant inspiring video, where a lot of the viewers never consider getting involved themselves. With something as fun, rewarding and easy as this there really is no excuse. You can book as an individual or a team via email. The are many different planting days in a few different locations to suit your timetable. 

In preparation for the distribution days, materials for the growing kits are recycled and sterilised, growing materials measured and packaged and growing kits put together.

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