Case study curated by Junhui Jiang/Issac, Yixin Li/Sally & Yizhen Li

Project description: Roost launched three products to upgrade users home life. It provides a new smoke alarm which can connect to your smartphone to let users know of any issues while they’re away. If users feel it’s a little bit expensive to buy the whole new alarm, new battery is a good choice. It works with any 9V battery-enabled smoke or CO alarm and Wi-Fi connection. It can also share alerts with friends and family. Be reassured the home is covered. Gives one-touch access to 000 or emergency contacts. React quickly when every minute counts. Roost also provide a smart leak detector, it is a Wi-Fi-connected, multi-function sensor that detects major home problems like water leaks, humidity & freezing/high temperatures. Together with Roost smoke alarms, this smart leak detector provides complete coverage of major threats to the family and property. When connect it to Roost App, the phone will alert the user if water is detected, or humidity / temperature fall outside the preset levels.


  1. Multiple choices to upgrade your home security level. (New alarm or upgrade battery)
  2. Remote monitor the home states when child at home alone
  3. Share alarm to neighbourhood (Help call 000 or escape early)