Repairing Jeans

Hanbin Liang/Kevin

For the repair work, I have chosen to repair my torn jeans.

To repair the jeans, I have used needlework. While doing the work, I was having difficulties to sew the 2 sides together and I felt that it will rip again if I continue to sew. However, with some trial and error, I managed to get into the right method and managed to sew the jeans properly. When it was done, I felt that my needlework is very ugly, I have try to sew from both inside and outside, all the result is the same. I then used a black marker to hide the mess of thread dwork and it looks fine1

Looking at the finished job, I still can’t believe that I have sewn this, even if the work is not perfect. I think that is worthwhile to be sew, and repair clothing. However now that I have seen the outcome, I believe that I may not wear it and it might be better if I modified these jeans into something more useful such as an apron!