Reborn Design

Kevin / Hanbin Liang

The highest levels of the waste hierarchy, is a process for filtering waste with ‘prevention’ as the most favorable option and ‘disposal’ as the least favorable option. Reuse is the method to reduce waste to the minimum possible. By reusing waste or a product, we can design another product from it, which may consider as Reborn Design. Reusing somethings have infinite possible outcome, it’s all depends on your imagination, and by reusing old things, you can also be inspired from it. Reuse is a method of redesigning old things to make them become useful against, and that type of design have no limits. While doing this type of designing, it opened your mind to infinite possibility and improved your imagination toward designing. Also, it helps to increase your materials knowledges since you must know the materials properties, before reusing or you will face a lot of technical problems.

Reborn Design a sort of reuse design, because it will consider reusing old things such as product, materials, or architecture. As the name Reborn, it is a design tactics which try to make useless things to reborn and become useful again. The process is as followed. First you will need to have an aim, or find an old thing. Secondly, you will use the old thing as the body of the whole design and redesign it. Redesign process include, mechanically, technically and functionality. Finally, implement the idea. Reborn Design is the process of giving an old thing a brand-new life, for example, small object like tennis ball can become hanger, table can become chair, or from coffee table to dinning table. Big can be architecture such as using airplane or old house and Reborn them into a library or old house. Different to reuse, with reborn design, the reborn project will look like new one, not as reused.

Abandoned Railway Reused as Modern House

It is a disused viaduct east of Scilla in Italy, abandoned railway. The project is to make the high way railway to become a modern apartment for living. The idea is a sky home with fantastic view and use renewable resources as energy. By using water on hot rock to create steam to power generator.

Bottle Re-use

In this post, you can see 23 creative ways to reuse old plastic bottles. There are a lot of them which you could not imagine, such as chandelier, broom, jewelry stand and so on. These reused old bottles have completely change from bottle to creative art and products. Some of them are very useful and some of them are very beautiful. Sometime, you may not even think that these design origins were old plastic bottle.

Recycled Aircraft Library

Back in 2006, award-winning New York design studio LOT-EK proposed the radical reuse of over 200 discarded aircraft fuselages in the construction of the new Jalisco Library in Guadalajara, Mexico. The public building finally opened in October

  1. It is made up of abandon aircraft parts at the boneyards of America’s western desserts.