Olio Phone Application

Case study curated by Harry Millington-Palmer

Personal Appeal

I am always a softie when it comes to social/design innovations that have a sense of togetherness. The idea of both saving food and bringing a community together in one application couldn’t be any easier or enjoyable. I believe that localised design project such as this is a beneficial way of making a change in our world. Taking big steps by supporting huge food providing companies isn’t the correct method. Having common citizens actually have a hand in the project, drastically changes the mentality of consumers, which is the most crucial step in creating a difference. I personally haven’t used the app but next time I find myself with a belly full of food but still have leftovers, I’ll definitely give it a go.


I find this app alone holds multiple values such as generosity, local resource, inclusiveness, community and many more.

Food waste is currently a massive concern in our society, Olio is a phone application project that connects neighbours, friends and local businesses together to help reduce common food waste. The general procedure of the app is that if you or your business has any left over food, you can take a photo, describe the food and add a location to where other users can come to get the food. The consumer can privately message the provider for more information or to reserve the food. This project not only helps create a sustainable future, but also provides to those who can’t feed themselves due to income issues. Since the creation of the company in 2015, the app has help give 214,169 meals in 41 different countries.

Similar Project


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To use FoodCloud, the retailer simply uploads details of what’s available to the app. Local charities receive that information automatically, collect the surplus food at an appointed time and distribute it to those in need.