Case study curated by Yuchen Luo / Trafalgar

Value: Small-economy / Local resource / Recycling / Contribution / Social justice

Fairphone company design products that last – in both their original design and in designing their repair to be as easy as possible. It is the world’s first modular phone built for repairability. Components in Fairphone can be easily changed by the user for up-grading and fixing, additionally, they are cheap. On the other hand, materials in Fairphone are less hazardous/ toxic than other smartphones. Its designer prefers to increase use of recycled/ renewable resources that mined from empower vulnerable communities or better sustainable performance. Although their technology is not strong enough to compete with big companies, they are working hard for a greener future. In those reasons I acknowledge their contribution.

Link Project: Ifixit

The world needs fixing. Some people don’t have clean water because they don’t know how to repair their water pumps. Many companies don’t make parts and manuals available to independent repair experts. We’re fixing that.

iFixit is the free repair manual. Fix your things. We’ll teach you how.