The Couch

Casestudy curated by Vi Li

It was a special place for me, where I met many many great people from all over the world.  This project gives international students a great opportunity to speak English, socialise to make friend. The Couch provides paid jobs and lots of volunteering jobs.  My first community work also from The Couch. The Couch provides interesting activities each day from Mondays to Fridays.

  • Mondays: Movie Night.
  • Tuesdays: Italian or Spanish Language Study.
  • Wednesdays: Salsa Dancing Class.
  • Thursdays: English Class.

The project also provides free dinner for everyone, free drinks, and a coffee machines sponsored by 7Eleven. There are a few computers for students who want to do homework and there are instruments such as Saxophone, Guitar and Piano.

The Couch (by Salvation Army, Project 614)

324 Drummond St, Melbourne, VIC 3053.

Opens Mons to Thus From 5pm to 9pm