Camberwell Sunday Market

Case study curated by Sin Ting Lui / Cindi

Every Sunday morning, a suburban car park is transformed into a clowned market for lovers of treasure. From records to rings, tops to boots, as long as it’s secondhand, antique or vintage, they are all sold at the Camberwell Sunday Market. It is also a place for people who are willing to share and sold second hand or hand-crafted goods. You never know what you will find in this Market with a bit of luck, you might uncover a hidden vintage gem. All ‘trash’ items will become an unique collection with a new owner.

Camberwell Sunday Market provides a connection to collectors and stallholders. The items that are sold, contain all the memories from the ex-owner. This is a really great place for everyone, for who would like to share and sold their trash, and for who loves collections and second handed items. I urge everyone to go and see if you can find something that is impressive. Or this may be your place to show your handmade designs and receive buyer’s thoughts about your design.


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