Charity Water

Case study curated by Brayden Dunstan, Vi Le, Hanbin Liang/Kevin and Christopher Papadopoulos.

This project is one of many worldwide that aims to “build sustainable, community-owned water projects around the world”. As a group we decided to share this cause as it aims to help millions of people worldwide with arguably the most important recourse required to survive, clean water. This non for profit organization has a very realistic approach to their goals, knowing their limitations and placing emphasis on the smaller, achievable and sustainable outcomes.

As an overarching organisation, Charity: Water works with smaller organisations worldwide to assist in funding and awareness to currently existing programs. Their major work has been developing wells and providing a source of clean water to struggling communities. Partnering with people such as ‘Clear Cambodia’ and ‘Water for good’, Charity: Water is able to build strong relationships and support these organisations from afar, enabling them to create a diverse and global impact.

Charity: Water also currently run another initiative “Pipeline” in which they have looked at the likelihood of each well breaking and how they aim to fix these problems. Currently, when a well is built within a remote community, Charity: water train locals to complete routine simple repairs to ensure that each well remains functional. They have also accounted for more complex issues beyond their ability, they now have sensors embedded within the well notifying a team of a broken well and what the issue is. These sensors alert Charily: water and in turn alert a trained team of local mechanics who are able to fix the individual wells within a few days.

We thought this project was impressive not only due to their mission of ensuring remote communities had clean water, but also providing the information to these people on how to fix, maintain and repair each well.

The most prominent design value in the project is generosity. Aimed to be bringing clean water to over 7 million people across 24 countries. The project aims to decrease the levels of dirty water in developing countries. Water that brings disease and infection to people across Africa, Asia, Central and South America.

By using 100% of all donations, Charity: water definitely includes their community in the project. Not only do they provide pictures of the progress in which the donations contribute to, but they provide GPS coordinates to the progress. Allowing for donors to experience what they are contributing to. This allows for inclusiveness within the community, making them feel more part of the project rather than 3rd party contributors.

On Charity: Water’s website, there is a page dedicated to stories of the people in the fields working, and children in the villages and towns that are receiving the clean water. This documentation allows for a more personal connection for the donors. Allowing them to witness their contribution. But also allows for the children, families and communities to tell their stories and show how much clean water makes a difference.

Link Project: One Drop

Water is an active force. It is Powerful and when used wisely it can change the world. We believe that providing access to water is not an end in itself—it is a means of accelerating community development. It is about securing futures.